What to wear.


Yes Wear This!!!!

Coordinating colors not exact matching.

  1. *A great way to organizing your family is to pick a couple colors to coordinate. A couple nutreal colors and a pop color or 2 is an easy way to coordinate. This works with your big extended family too.

  2. -Denim, creams, greys pinks.
    -Blues, whites, greys and yellows.
    -Grey, blacks, creams and mustard.
    -Kaki, grey, yellow.
    -Browns, creams, olive.
    -Denims, creams, brown and burgundy.
    -Denim, tan, red.
    -Cream, olive, mauve, brown.

  3. Layer up with colors and patterns that pop.

  4. Textures like wool, knits, and corduroy add warmth to photos.

  5. Mix it up with plaids and solids.

  6. Utilize accessories: sweaters, belts, jewelry, socks, and hats.

  7. beware of tiny prints, they may cause a distorted look in photos.

Avoid Wearing

Matchy-matchy: remember the all denim and white shirts from the 80’s?

  1. Big brand logos.

  2. Not too many crazy patterns.

  3. Neon colors—they create a color cast and do not print well.

  4. Large patterns and distracting accessories.

  5. Hats that shade or hide your eyes.

  6. If you can, avoid transitional glasses.

Medicine Hat and Area Photographer